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Service Description

All this planning and research not your cup of tea? Don't worry. RAPVeterans® will resource and plan your tour down to the last penny (inflation notwithstanding). We will build your custom tour! From venues, to artists, to promo and interview opportunities, all the way down to lodging, and fuel usage. Broken down in a single .pdf file so you can review it anywhere!

Cancellation Policy

*READ CAREFULLY* Policy Description A. Studio Bloc Recording Session 1. *Recording Session Protocol*: This service is strictly for recording sessions. Once completed, the raw audio files will be uploaded to a designated drive folder within 72 hours. 2. *Collaboration Policy*: This studio is not intended for parties. All collaborations must receive prior approval before the session. Non-compliance will result in the session's cancellation. 3. *Recording Software Options*: Recordings can be conducted using Bandlab studio or the in-house Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). B. Mixing & Mastering Services 1. *Recording Quality Requirement*: Only high-quality recordings will be accepted. Songs must be recorded using a compression-aided microphone with cardioid features to ensure satisfactory results. 2. *Timeframe for Services*: Mixing and mastering are time-intensive processes. Expect a 72-hour turnaround per song. C. Music Video Services 1. *Run-N-Gun Style*: This basic video service includes shooting in 2 locations, capturing B-Roll footage, and is a 2-hour session. 2. *Cinematic Style*: This enhanced video service focuses on storytelling, includes shooting in 3 locations, capturing B-Roll footage, and storyboarding, and is a 3-hour session. D. Tour Planning Services 1. *DIY Tour Compilation*: This service is designed to compile the necessary data for you to execute a DIY tour. You will be responsible for making all calls, sending emails, and handling logistics. 2. *Additional Services*: Includes graphic design and an ad campaign featuring multiple pieces of promotional content. E. Graphic Design/Promo Services All services include resizing the flyer image for sharing and a quick brainstorming session for the theme. 1. *Local Promo*: One (1) flyer theme. 2. *Regional Promo*: Two (2) flyer themes and a motion graphic. 3. *National Promo*: A comprehensive ad set that includes a video flyer, two (2) flyer themes, and two motion graphics. This policy ensures clear guidelines for all services provided, maintaining a professional and efficient working environment.

Contact Details

  • 5400 Rock Chalk Drive, Lawrence, KS, USA


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