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If You Missed It: Double Duty with Dre Logic: A Night of Hip Hop Brilliance in Lawrence

Some, in Lawrence, Kansas, witnessed an unforgettable night of hip hop excellence on December 10, 2023, as "Double Duty with Dre Logic" took center stage in a dual celebration of inclusivity and unmatched talent.

The Lawrence hip hop scene etched its mark in history with a showcase of diverse talents from across the iconic I-70, making this event a milestone in the annals of the city's cultural legacy.

The flagship monthly extravaganza, "Spotlight LFK," curated by Dre Logic, presented an eclectic lineup that transcended geographical boundaries. Artists from Lawrence, Las Vegas, Chicago and Topeka converged for a musical journey that left an indelible mark on the Lawrence hip hop landscape.

Spotlight LFK Presents:
Double Duty with Dre Logic: A Night of Hip Hop Brilliance in Lawrence

The night kicked off with Benny Hunnit and Mistah Wundah from Lawrence, who showcased their homegrown charisma, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere.

Double A, representing Chicago, infused the stage with the dynamic and heavy storytelling flow that forces you to pay attention. Then, he told the DJ to cut the music, and rendered a 4 minute freestyle that took the air out of the room. A simply stunning version of the MC-to-concert-goer chemistry. "Most impactful award goes to" type of performance.

CyN City from Las Vegas brought a unique and high energy sound, combining depth of message and beats in a style that resonated well with the Lawrence audience.

Underrated Society Affiliate: Zay the King from Lawrence, hit the stage, unleashing raw energy and lyrical prowess that had everyone wanting more. He performed a string of personal stories and perspectives, over some of the slappinest beats played all night.

Prooph from Topeka added a rocked out flavor with his distinctive style, and TristanstarR captivated the audience with his unique sound, thought-provoking lyrics and rapping to his music without the undertrack, which is widely considered a brave move in a scene that has fully accepted that artists can forget rhymes, often. You don't really get that type of grace when you don't have the full song playing under your performance. But he delivered on his promise to be a hip hop entity to the core.

Finally as a Special Guest: Silent Ave, representing LFK, transcended sonic boundaries with a vibrant performance of his new hit single, "Cheater", setting the stage for the night's crescendo – the headlining act, Dre Logic. Known as the hardest working man in the biz, Dre Logic's performance epitomized dedication, innovation, and the true spirit of hip hop.

Where it all went down
The Replay Lounge on 946 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS

"Double Duty with Dre Logic" wasn't just a concert; it was a celebration that brought together hip hop enthusiasts from all walks of life. The event showcased the collaborative spirit of the hip hop community, highlighting the rich tapestry of talent that extends beyond geographic borders.

As the audience gathered to witness this historic celebration, they continue be part of a movement that defined the future of Lawrence's hip hop scene, and many thanks, for this is not scene if no one sees.

"Double Duty with Dre Logic" was not just a concert; it was a cultural moment, a chapter in the ongoing story of Lawrence's vibrant and evolving hip hop legacy. As always, the fans of hip hop and rap in this part of the country, our neck of the woods.


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