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Could've used a copy editor A copy editor, or copy editor as a portmanteau is someone who does copyediting. There's a typo there, though. A single spaces is normally acceptable in this case. (When my dad wrote "The young man was lying in bed, reading his little book about growing up and how a guy can become a man. His bed was comfortable and he was listening to the soft rhythmic sound of his mother's voice reading a story to him. Then his father entered the room, kissed his son on the head and said goodbye." the entire sentence ended with a single space, even in the quoted part of the passage.) Ah, good! I don't know why this makes such a difference, but when I see a single space I think it's something kind of cool. I like the story! (Apologies for the earlier comment, which was completely off topic. I try to limit the number of comments here, and when I notice a typo, I want to fix it for future readers, but somehow the button didn't work, and the "edit" button is missing entirely. I apologize again for this gaffe, and I hope my comment wasn't misunderstood.) As I see it, in the strictest sense, a "copy editor" is someone who is paid to copyedit manuscripts. A "copy editor's copy" would be someone who has been hired by a publication to edit manuscripts, not just someone who might have helped to copyedit the manuscript. Interestingly, some publications -- the major publishers for instance -- typically send copyedits out to in-house copyeditors, so the copyeditors who work on manuscripts actually work for the publication. However, the terminology is somewhat fluid, and in my experience, the terms used interchangeably in the business and in publishing sometimes vary from person to person. Sometimes they're not even that different, but at other times, the distinction can be very important. It's also important to note that in some publishing/journalistic circles, "copy editor" might be a synonym for copywriter, while in others, they might be considered two distinct jobs. I'm just an old retired guy who likes to take a back seat and enjoy the show. I usually read all of the comments and add to them if I want to. You people don't have to agree with me, but I like it when you do.




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StorageCrypt 410386 Retail Ak takaondy

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