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Founder & CEO

Anthemous T Rocknrolla



Anthemous is a Rocknrolla, as a matters of fact, he is THE Rocknrolla. A gifted emcee, with the performance spirit of James Brown and Mick Jagger, Anthemous certainly entertains live concert goers with his energy and character, and still commands reverance for his lyrical content, which is reminiscent of a golden era long pined after by the discerning hip hop listener. 


Starting out in 1997, during a time when technology hadn't afforded so many artists such a  low bar of entry; a rapper had to either have a lot of money, or they needed to be so good that studios would allow you to record for free; Anthemous carved out a small career path with a handful of North Chicago studios. 


Over the years, Anthemous has proven influential in the underground music scene, creating a "rip rock" band called DreamKillerUniversity®, executive producing albums/singles, and mentoring the fledgling careers of over 20 independent artists, which currently, is an Anthemous characteristic among the 23K+ member network he co-founded, BAFA (By Artists For Artists) in 2018


With a fresh, witty, and sober delivery, his words cut sharp into the listeners head; and attracts the higher subconscious that tells us we want to hear original music; while maintaining a stage presence and set list selection that engages audiences to feel the music, and enjoy the experience.